Rodney Place: Angels of Stealth
(continuing works)

Angels of Stealth is a large multi-media and trans-disciplinary project begun in Warsaw in 2004.
The project is about personal and professional migrations of young former-East women into Western Europe after the EU enlarged in 2004 to include former Eastern Block countries. This was the difficult joining of the two lobes of the European brain, separated after the Second World War in ideology and attitude. The division still lingers in habit and cliché.
The project takes the form of a hotel based on and in the Hotel Europejski, Warsaw. The real hotel is both a sometime venue, as well as a virtual setting for individual room-performances and the architecture of the chelsea-hotel-eastside Website as a cyber-residence and production house. 
Each room-work springs from an artistic and formal idea connected with the professional work of the occupant/performer; but the narrative is also developed from personal experience through a process we dub “dialogue scripting”.
The solo works have the hotel and staff and individual rooms as backdrop, and the deliberate ambiguity of occupant and performer is scripted as the insoluble dilemma of real-life vs. art.

Angels of Stealth has been produced and shown in-progress throughout Europe:
Pole-Land at La Ferme du Buisson (Paris) and CCA Zamek Ujazdowski (Warsaw), co-production ARTE’s Temps d’Images Festival (2005)
I know everything about at Museumsquartier, Vienna (2007) (MQ21AiR/EIKON Magazine)
Polish girls are so lovely and delicate at Museumsquartier, Vienna (2007) (MQ21AiR/EIKON Magazine), and added to in co-production with World Wide Video Factory/Vrije Akademie, The Hague (2008).

As a whole work-in-progress, all elements of Angels of Stealth to date have been shown in video form as movie-in-the-making @ Hotel Europejski, Hotel Europejski, Warsaw, producer Agniezska Wlazel, Studio Inter.Art/Cinema Art Foundation, co-production: City of Warsaw (2007); and as Angels of Stealth at KIBLA, Maribor, Slovenia (2008) with vignette live performances by Katarzyna Monczka in Polish girls are so lovely and delicate.