I know everything about
Magdalena Chowaniec

Vienna 2007


I know everything about is the story of a new wave Polish interior designer living alone in Vienna and in constant contact with a friend on Skype. She recalls or fantasizes an affair with the Swedish family man in pages of the IKEA catalogue.  The 3 scenes – dining room, study and bedroom - are developed in a self-animated soap opera form, using catalogue images and domestic interior elements to create visual and dramatic effects.

Conception/direction:  Rodney Place
Dialogue Scripting:  Magdalena Chowaniec, Rodney Place
Performance: Magdalena Chowaniec

I know everything about was produced in residence at MQ21, Museumsquartier, Vienna, at the invitation of EIKON Magazine, February-April 2007.

It has been shown in video form at Museumsquartier, Vienna; movie-in-the-making @hotel europejski, Hotel Europejski, Warsaw (2007): and KIBLA, Maribor, Slovenia (2008)