hotel europejski

Warsaw, December 2007

Hotel Europejski has a long and auspicious history indelibly linked to the city of Warsaw.  It is the on-going documentary and virtual backdrop and sometime venue to the works of Angels of Stealth.
movie-in-the-making @ hotel europejski  was the first 3-night presentation of collected works-in-progress in rooms along the corridor on the top floor.  Each work-in-progress was shown in video form in the room of the performer/occupant.  The production crew played hotel staff.  The audience was invited as "film extras" to witness and participate in impromptu performances, as well as to view the room works, often in the presence of the occupant.

Conception/direction: Rodney Place
Executive producer, Ola Walentynowicz 
Occupants: Katarzyna Monczka, Kaya Kołodziejczyk (and friends), Damien Brailly 
Fashion/costumes/laundry room: Marta Rowinska
Video, sound and graphics: Lech Rowinski
Technical manager: Damien Brailly
Camera: Ola Walentynowicz 
Documentary edit: Jeroen Graus 

Producedby Agniezska Wlazel, Studio Inter.Art/Cinema Art Foundation, Warsaw.
Co-production: City of Warsaw
Sponsor and host: Hotel Europejski