Polish girls are so lovely and delicate
Katarzyna Monczka

Warsaw, Vienna, The Hague,
Maribor 2006-8

Polish girls are so lovely and delicate is the story of Ewka who leaves traditional Krakow on a journey via Warsaw where she briefly works as an escort, to Barcelona where she divides her time between part-time modelling and setting up business as a fetishist house cleaner.  The work is conceived as a comic-book-styled fashion shoot with real and virtual clothes. Ewka’s story unfolds through storyboards, body-projected subtitles and spoken songs.

Conception/direction: Rodney Place
Dialogue scripting: Katarzyna Monczka, Rodney Place
Performance:  Katarzyna Monczka
Music: Club Duet Sebastian Michalski with Katarzyna Monczka

            Lateks Przewróć Się Na Cyce Lala  - Sebastian Michalski, Rafał Nowak, Tomek Szostak, Włodek Goraj, Marcin Polanski, Wojtek Fedkowicz mix: Sebastian Michalski

Edit (Vienna): Peter Hirschl
Edit (The Hague): Jeroen Graus

Polish girls are so lovely and delicate was begun in studio in Warsaw (2006) and has subsequently been produced and shown in video form at: Museumsquartier, Vienna (2007) (MQ21/EIKON magazine); movie-in-the-making @hotel europejski, Hotel Europejski, Warsaw(2007). It was added to at World Wide Video Factory/Vrije Akademie, The Hague (2008), and then shown with vignette live performances by Monczka.at KIBLA, Maribor, Slovenia (2008).